Knighthood - An entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Knighthood is the European community for B2B software experts. It consists of SaaS founders, operators, investors and SaaS experts.

Founders are most successful when they have access to the human-, financial- and professional resources they need. Hence, simply creating opportunities to raise funds or meet other entrepreneurs and business leaders is not enough.

More crucial are support networks of entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders who are able to provide advice on tackling the challenges they’re facing – especially if they have experienced similar obstacles in the past.

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What to expect from the

European B2B SaaS Ecosystem


Reputation establishement

Share your insights and expertise with Knight's curated community of European SaaS founders, investors and practitioners. 

Network expansion

Build relationships with Europe’s fastest-growing SaaS startups that have questions on scaling their business.


Access to invite-only events

Get access to webinars, events & masterclasses with industry leaders.

If you would like to join our B2B community of
software executives, entrepreneurs, service providers, and experts,
please get in touch.