10 Tech Events in 2021 You Should Not Miss

As a SaaS startup, attending tech events is a great way to gather new ideas to help you take your company to the next level. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about how we do business, but there are plenty of exciting tech events in 2021 you should not miss!

Here are the top 10 tech events we recommend:

1. SaaStr Annual Event

The SaaStr annual event is one of the largest for business software startups, and it started in 2012 as just a blog. This tech event brings together tens of thousands of experts across the industry. It provides owners of smaller companies the opportunity to learn and network with larger players in the SaaS world.

This year the event will take place from September 27 to 29, and there will be both digital and in-person options for attendance. The three days of workshops will provide you with actionable tools to help you grow your business from $0 to $100M ARR fast.

2. Podim Conference

This year’s Podim Conference will be held on May 17-19, and the hybrid attendance style will allow you to access the best of both worlds. To make sure but the discussions remain meaningful while still allowing for diverse ideas to be shared, they limit the participants to 1000 investors, startups, and corporations.

Over the last ten years, Podim has positioned itself as one of the most influential tech and startup conferences in the central and Eastern European region. It was founded in 1980 as a nonprofit that aimed to change attitudes around innovation and allow businesses to participate in opportunities to learn and network in a time-efficient way.

3. SXSW Conference

The next event on our list that you do not want to miss is the SXSW Conference. This global event helps businesses and startups learn from one another, network, and discover new ideas to help them grow.

The event will be held virtually from March 16-20. the digital experience will include keynote speakers, showcases, and exhibition sessions where you can take a hands-on approach to learn.

The history of this event is rooted in bringing together people to share culture and technology. It started in 1994 as a music festival geared towards raising awareness about technology in the industry and is now one of the world's top events for SaaS startups!

The SXSW Conference helped popularize everything from online blogging and video streaming to wearable tech.

4. TechCrunch Events

TechCrunch puts on several events throughout the year, and the three that you cannot miss are TC Early Stage, TC Disrupt, and TC Sessions: SaaS.

TC Early Stage will be held April 1-2 and again on July 8-9. The mission of this event is to help early-stage startups. Here, founders can network with experts to teach them how to do everything from raising funds to building an impressive team.

TC Disrupt is known as their flagship event, and this year it will be held on September 21-23. This three-day event will be held online, and the programming will focus on how investors and founders can shape the future of disruptive technology. It will give founders real insights into how they can become leaders in their industry.

TC Sessions: SaaS will take place on November 3rd, and TechCrunch editors will work with startups to help them generate early market interest, find funding, scale, and eventually sell out! This is not an event you want to miss.

5. Dublin Tech Summit

This year's Dublin Tech Summit will be held virtually on June 17th. Over 5,000 delegates will be present, and 80 speakers will share some of the most influential technology from across the world. This global event brings together over 70 countries so that businesses can share knowledge, trends, and network.

If you want to learn how to scale your startup or future-proof your business, make sure that you put the Dublin Tech Summit on your calendar!

6. IT Arena

Another great event streaming from Ukraine is IT Arena. From October 8-10, this global event will help businesses catalyze exponential growth and inspire them to use new solutions to expand their business.

Their specific startup track focuses on entrepreneurs and emerging companies to exchange ideas, discover growth hacks, and find ideal partners to take their business to the next level.

7. Startup Extreme

Each year, hundreds of the most influential figures in tech travel to Norway for the Startup Extreme festival. This unique experience focuses on fostering relationships and the growth of entrepreneurship across the globe.

On June 28-29, you can learn from founders and experts from over 30 different countries - It's so intense it's almost like an extreme sport!

8. SaaStock Remote

SaaStock Remote is an event designed to help you understand the industry to navigate it easily, find the road to repeatable revenue, build a strategy to hire a reliable team, and create a plan to boost your business in 2021.

From February 23-25, over 3,000 SaaS professionals will come together to champion growth, breakdown barriers, and work to transition into a hybrid world. Use this opportunity to learn from industry leaders so that you can take actionable insights and apply them to your startup right away.

They will also host several localized smaller events throughout the year, so check out their website to find one near you.

9. B2B Rocks

B2B Rocks Paris will be held in September 2021. This is one of the top online conferences in Europe for SaaS startups, and their exclusive speaker list allows founders to experience intense keynotes that are packed with hands-on advice.

This event will help founders make the most of the economic recovery and connect with other like-minded individuals that can help them grow their businesses.

10. Atomicon

On November 9th, you can attend the annual Atomicon event, where small businesses can learn to scale quicker and smarter. The conference is based out of Gateshead, UK, but some of the best speakers from all over the world will be in attendance to help you learn new skills and ideas and give you the tools you need to grow your business faster than ever before.

This year the event will be fully live-streamed, so even if you cannot make it in person, you can enjoy the experience from anywhere in the world.