Q1 2022 | Venture Investing in European B2B Software

By Diederik Ingen Housz and Tijs Bellers

A new quarter kicked in, meaning we at Knight had another look at the funding activities of B2B software companies during this first quarter of 2022. We came across several interesting conclusions.

Main Takeaways:

  1. Fewer but Bigger Rounds: €9.5B were raised across 380 deals compared to last year's highest €9.4B across 485 deals in Q2’21.

  2. Average funding amount of €25M (highest value of the last five quarters).

  3. Checkout.com raised the biggest-ticket of the year so far.

  4. The UK drives the money, with 36% of all funding attracted by British Software companies.

  5. Europe welcomed 11 New Unicorns.

The Top 5 largest rounds in Q1 were raised by:

  1. Checkout.com

  2. Relex Solutions

  3. GoStudent

  4. Payfit

  5. Forto

Read the full report below: