Superb is the first Guest Experience Platform for the hospitality industry. It functions like an Operating Software its product suite consists of, among others, Reservation, Payment, POS, and CRM features. Superb saves restaurant owners time through its all-in-one solution and improves client retention by helping restaurant owners tailor the guest experience based on its collected guest profiles. 

Key facts

B2B SaaS, Hospitality, Guest Experience Management

CEO: Zaedo Musa


Zephr allows companies to orchestrate the customer journey. Zephr provides a no-code solution with which clients can dynamically tailor and optimise the path to subscription and to customise the experience beyond sign-up. Companies can create any number or flavour of registration or subscription rules, collect and store permissioned customer data. By using Zephr, companies increase sign-ups and revenues and decrease churn and acquisition costs. Based in London, Zephr serves companies across the globe.

Key facts

B2B SaaS, No Code, Subscription Customization

CEO: James Henderson

Stream is a data store designed for building, scaling and personalizing feeds. They power activity feeds and chat for more than a billion end-users and provide product teams with everything they need to add activity feeds or chat to their app. Their product enables customers to get to market faster, grow without worrying about scalability, and ship a higher quality user experience. The company is founded by the authors of the popular open source Stream-Framework, which has over 250,000 downloads.

Key facts

B2B SaaS, Developer Tools, Cloud Components

CEO: Thierry Schellenbach

Smart Protection provides digital monitoring services to protect intellectual and industrial property rights online. Their platform scans the web and identifies a brand’s assets using data technologies. Information is analyzed by combining machine learning technology with cybersecurity expertise to eliminate infringements at over 95% efficiency.
Founded in 2015 and based in Madrid, it protects the IP content and brands owned by companies in 22 countries in Europe, US and LATAM.

Key facts

B2B SaaS, CyberSecurity, Online Publishing

CEO: Javier Perea

Dealroom is one of the worlds leading databases on private company information for innovative companies & start-ups.

The platform provides company profiles including board members, search volume and funding rounds. Cities like Berlin, London, Paris and Amsterdam use Dealroom's white label product to manage their own start-up ecosystems.

Key facts

B2B SaaS, Data Intelligence

CEO: Yoram Wijngaarde


Contexta360 is AI-based speech intelligence software for contact centers.

The software analyzes all spoken conversations with customers and provides proactive feedback to operators on compliance, effectiveness and quality. In addition, it integrates with CRM software to complete records of the contact moments.

Key facts

B2B SaaS, Data Analytics

CEO: Andrew White


​AmberScript uses a proprietary AI speech engine to automatically convert your speech audio into text.

Users can easily check their transcripts and use the built-in editor to adapt where needed. Customers range from professionals transcribing their audio to media companies automatically generating subtitles.

Key facts

B2B SaaS, Speech Intelligence

CEO: Peter-Paul de Leeuw

LogoTekengebied 1AMBRSCRIPT.png

LeadDynamics exploits various lead generation platforms (amongst others Offerte.nl).

LeadDynamics allows consumers to request quotes from various types of service companies such as cleaning, mediation, call center agents and a number of other services.

Key facts

B2B SaaS, Lead Generation

CEO: Nizar M'Rabti



Key facts

B2B SaaS

CEO: Sampo Parkkinen