Aaron.ai Joins Forces with Doctolib: A Strategic Move for Healthcare Innovation

May 23

4 min

We are pleased to announce that Aaron.ai, one of our portfolio companies, has been acquired by Paris-based healthtech leader, Doctolib. This represents the second successful exit from our second fund. Knight Capital invested in Aaron in 2022, alongside Bonventure, IBB Ventures, and Futury Capital. 

This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both companies and underscores Knight Capital's commitment to investing in mission-critical software that transforms underserved industries. 

Aaron.ai's Journey and Impact

Founded in 2015 by Tobias Wagenführer, Iwan Lappo-Danilewski and Richard von Schaewen, Aaron.ai aims to reduce the administrative workload for general practices (GPs), hospitals, and health clinics. The company delivers AI-based yet human-centered technology to healthcare professionals and their assistants, relieving them from several administrative tasks.

Aaron.ai has been at the forefront of AI innovation in healthcare, benefiting over 1.6 million patients and collaborating with more than 3,500 practitioners across Germany. In 2022, we invested in the company alongside Bonventure, IBB Ventures and Futury Capital. 

Aaron.ai's technology automates phone interactions, ensuring patients receive timely and accurate assistance around the clock. This innovation enhances the overall efficiency of medical practices as, in Germany, many doctor’s offices spend about 45 hours monthly answering phone calls. Aaron’s AI-powered assistant can answer calls 24/7 and automatically handle ~80% of daily routine questions such as prescriptions, sick notes, and appointment scheduling. The partnership with Doctolib aims to continue alleviating the burden on healthcare staff and redirect that time to patient care.

Doctolib: Leading the Charge in Healthtech

Established in 2013, Doctolib has revolutionized healthcare operations across Europe. The company serves 900,000 professional users and over 80 million patients, facilitating millions of teleconsultations and secure document exchanges. With a robust team of 2,800 employees, Doctolib continues to lead in providing advanced healthtech solutions that enhance patient care and operational efficiency.

Strategic Rationale

Doctolib’s acquisition of Aaron.ai represents a significant advancement in healthcare communication. The integration of Aaron.ai’s AI-driven phone assistant solutions will streamline patient interactions and reduce the administrative burden on medical professionals.

Tobias Wagenführer, CEO of Aaron.ai, expressed: “Together, we can now offer the best product to relieve the burden on healthcare employees – and achieve our vision even faster.”

Knight Capital

At Knight Capital, we are dedicated to supporting high-impact software companies with ambitious founders that address critical challenges in underserved industries. 

We are proud to have been part of Aaron.ai’s journey and are excited about the future possibilities this acquisition brings. Together, Aaron.ai and Doctolib are set to unlock new potentials, delivering transformative solutions in the healthcare sector.

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