May 2022 | Funding in European B2B SaaS

New month, new European B2B SaaS funding update by Knight Capital.

If we look at last month's data, we can see some of the spillover effects of the current market recession. However, the number of rounds was the highest in the last 12 months, but the amounts raised were lower, which matches the current state of the market, as early-stage rounds are less affected than fundraising in larger companies.

Some interesting figures:

1) As we mentioned earlier, there were 191 rounds funded this month, the highest number of the last twelve months, driven by a record number of €1-5M rounds (78).

2) Total funding value in software Europe stayed relatively constant over the last three months.

3) This month, the total deal value is mainly driven by the higher number of "smaller" deals.

4) There were no deals of 250M and above, possibly explaining the fact that there was only one Unicorn round this month.

See the full report below: