Optimizing Recruitment Marketing on Social Media: Our Investment in Paiger

Nov 7

3 min.

Optimizing Recruitment Marketing on Social Media: Our Investment in Paiger

We are excited to announce our recent investment in Paiger. Based with a team of over 30 FTE in London, UK, Paiger is an innovative player in the recruitment marketing automation space. The company has successfully tailored its subscription-based software to the unique needs of its more than 5,000 users from staffing agencies and in-house recruiters in the United Kingdom and the United States.

What & Why

Paiger is distinctively poised to transform how staffing agencies and internal recruitment teams harness the power of social media, an arena ripe with unexplored potential for B2B social marketing and talent acquisition. While LinkedIn has solidified its reputation as a go-to platform for professional networking and recruitment, boasting 774 million users, it remains an underutilized goldmine for lead generation and branding, with only 0.4% of its users actively sharing content weekly. This gap in content creation and engagement offers a fertile ground for B2B marketing strategies.

Paiger's marketing automation solution is engineered to help recruiters not just fill this gap but also capitalize on it. Paiger offers a highly specialized, focused, and cost-effective approach designed for staffing agencies and in-house recruiters. As a vertical solution tailored to this niche, Paiger seamlessly integrates features like automated branded job posts, content scheduling, and industry-specific insights into a single platform. Paiger is an integrated infrastructure that enhances visibility, facilitates lead generation and research, and acts as a central point for personal branding initiatives on social media platforms for staffing agencies and in-house recruiters.

Investment Thesis

Our investment in Paiger is underpinned by several compelling factors:

Market Trends and Opportunities: Talent shortages in key sectors such as IT and engineering make Paiger increasingly essential. The platform serves as a growth engine for both quality leads and brand visibility, particularly on a platform as underutilized for content creation as LinkedIn.

• Product Offering: By bundling various features into one platform, Paiger addresses the specific needs and challenges of its target market far more effectively than standalone solutions. It not only saves time for recruiters but also fills a critical skills gap in marketing, thereby making a strong case for adoption.

• Management and Team: Paiger's leadership has demonstrated an intimate understanding of the industry, combined with a frugal mindset that positions the company well for sustainable future growth.

Congratulations to the Paiger team! We look forward to being a part of your journey in redefining recruitment marketing.

More information about Openclaims can be found on their website: https://paiger.co/.


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