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Software powering facility management and maintenance teams.


Powering billions of users with Chat Messaging and Activity Feeds.


Global data and intelligence platform on tech companies and ecosystems.


Analytics software to analyze and improve customer interactions.

Smart Protection

Software to combat counterfeits, brand abuse and digital piracy.


Personalisation software for global beauty brands and retailers.


The operating system for the hospitality industry.


Making video and audio accessible though transcripts and translated subtitles.


Personalized paywall and subscription management software.


Digital assistant for healthcare professionals powered by conversational AI.


Social media marketing automation software for staffing agencies and in-house recruiters.


Lead generation platform for SMEs active in the home and business services.

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Arthur Nobel

Chiel Ruiter

Diederik Ingen Housz

Franco Lagomarsino

Jan Dirk Schepers

Joost van Heyningen Nanninga

Marcel Stolk

Marco Joosten

Patrick Fase

Paul Montagne

René van Stiphout

Rob Oudman

Tino Scholman

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Nov 16

4 min.

Reducing Administrative Workload for Medical Practices: Our Investment in
Oct 12

6 min.

Scaling across Series A to C
Jun 9

1 min.

May 2022 | Funding in European B2B SaaS
May 31

8 min

Jonathan Anguelov (Aircall) on Product Market Fit
May 19

4 min

Category Creation and Partnerships in GTM - with Jill Rowley
Apr 19

4 min

The SaaS Pain Framework: Are you selling Painkillers, Vitamins, or Candy?
Apr 12

1 min

2022 Q1 SaaS Valuation Update
Mar 15

5 min

How Revieve is Transforming the Beauty Industry with Sampo Parkinnen (Founder & CEO)
Jan 27

5 min

Revolutionizing the restaurant software industry - With Superb’s Founder and CEO Zaedo Musa
Nov 3

3 min

Building a Central Ecosystem for Maintenance and Facility Management: Our Investment in Infraspeak
Oct 26

8 min

Global SaaS Companies Update (Q2 2021)
Oct 13

6 min

How Customer Success plays a key role in SaaS - with Dan Steinman
Oct 5

5 min

What is community-led growth and the 8 steps to build an engaged community - With Natalie Luneva
Jun 9

3 min

Why we Invested in Superb
May 17

4 min

4 Things to Consider When Hiring Your First CFO
May 11

6 min

Key Items to Consider When Setting Up Your Employee Stock Options Plan
Feb 26

8 min

6 Subjects You Should Write About In Your Sales Playbook
Feb 17

4 min

How To Design A Sales Compensation Plan
Dec 22

3 min

Why we Invested in Zephr
Dec 2

3 min

Why we Invested in Smart Protection
Nov 18

3 min

Smart Protection closes €10M round to protect brands against online counterfeiting
Aug 17

2 min

Why we Invested in
Mar 25

3 min

World's most Promising Companies & Tech Ecosystems: Our most recent investment in Dealroom

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#52 Barbra Gago (Founder @ Pando & Former CMO @ Miro) on Marketing and Unlocking Employee Progression

In this episode, we had an insightful conversation with Barbara Gago, founder and CEO of Pando and former CMO of Miro.

35 m

#51 How to Optimize Go-to-market with Scott Stouffer (Co-founder, scaleMatters)

In this episode of Leaders of Growth, Arthur Nobel from Knight Capital interviews Scott Stouffer, CEO and co-founder of Scale Matters.

34 min.

#50 Breaking the Mold: Lessons From a Category Creation Expert, with Joe Sawyer (CMO, Mirakl)

In this episode, Arthur delves into Category Creation with his guest, Joe Sawyer, the Chief Marketing Officer of Mirakl, a renowned enterprise marketplace SaaS platform that has raised $948 million.

38 min.

#49 Navigating the M&A Process, with Lowell Ricklefs (Founder, Traction Advising)

Lowell Ricklefs is the Founder and Managing Partner of Traction Advising, a B2B SaaS-focused M&A firm.


#48 From Campus to Unicorn: How Research Led to a $5B Business, with Johanna Småros (Founder & CMO, Relex Solutions)

Johanna Småros is the Founder and CMO of the unicorn software company Relex Solutions, a supply chain & retail planning platform.

18 min

#47 Managing Your Board and M&A as a Startup, with Brian Requarth (Founder @ Latitud)

Brian is the Co-Founder of Latitud, a company that provides community, infrastructure, and capital to tech companies. Additionally, he founded and exited VivaReal for $550m+. Brian is the author of the Amazon best-selling book Viva the Entrepreneur.

40 min 29 sec

#46 The Road to $100M ARR: New Markets & New Channels, with Arun Mani (CRO at Pleo)

In this episode, Arthur Nobel, Principal at Knight Capital, chatted with Arun Mani, CRO of Pleo, a spending management solution that offers smart payment cards for employees to buy work-related ...

34 min 50 sec

#45 Building your Sales Organization, with Jacco van der Kooij (Founder, Winning by Design)

In this episode, Arthur sat down with Jacco Van Der Kooij, Founder and Co-CEO at Winning by Design, which was the second-fastest-growing private company in Silicon Valley in 2021.They..

23 min 42 sec

#44 Scaling Moss to >400 FTE 2.5 Years After Launching, with Ante Spittler (Co-Founder and CEO)

Ante Spittler is the Co-Founder and CEO at Moss, an all-in-one spend management solution with headquarters in Berlin, Germany.Moss allows companies to pay all business expenses with virtual..

41 min 42 sec

#43 How to Price and Package your SaaS Product, with Dan Balcauski (Founder of Product Tranquility)

Dan Balcauski is the founder of Product Tranquility, a consulting that helps B2B SaaS companies define pricing and packaging for new products.Dan has 15 years of experience managing multiple...

36 min 8 sec

#42 PR for SaaS companies 101, with Matías Rodsevich (Founder of PRLab)

In today's episode, we sat down with Matías Rodsevich, Founder & CEO of PRLab. This award-winning PR agency serves both tech startups and corporates and is one of the top five PR agencies ...

30 min 39 sec

#41 Rebranding Learnings from Unicorn Nord Security, with Marija Dzemionaite

Marija Dzemionaite is the Head Of Brand Communications at NordLayer (Nord Security.)Nord Security is an internet privacy and security provider for individuals and businesses that raised over...

30 min 6 sec

#40 Scaling Across Series B, with Thomas Inhelder (Co-Founder & CFO, Yokoy)

Thomas Inhelder is the Co-Founder and CFO of Yokoy; an AI-based spend management platform for medium and large enterprises.Yokoy has raised over $100 M in funding and is at its Series B stage

38 min 38 sec

#39 The Challenge of Tripling Your Team in a Year, with Christopher May (Co-CEO, Finoa)

Christopher May is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Finoa, a regulated custodian for crypto-assets, that offers custody and staking services to institutional investors and corporations.After working for over 4 years as a consultant at McKinsey, he founded the company in 2018.Finoa..

38 min 25 sec

#38 Founders' Mental Health 101, with Dr. Michael Freeman

72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues according to a study by Dr. Michael Freeman (UC Berkley).There’s no doubt that founders' mental health matters for..

36 min 48 sec

#37 Revenue-based Financing 101, with Henrik Grim (Capchase)

Henrik Grim is a General Manager of Capchase (Europe). Capchase is a revenue-based financial provider for recurring revenue businesses. Capchase has raised$549.6M in funding over 7 rounds,,,

42 min 41 sec

#25 Experiencing Bankruptcy & Founding a Uniicorn- With Aircall's Founder Jonathan Anguelov

In the 25th episode of Leaders of Growth, we’re thrilled to have Jonathan Anguelov, Founder & Managing Partner of Aircall. Aircall is a cloud-based call center and phone system. Aircall was

18 min 15 sec

#08 Mark Roberge on Go-to-market strategies

Mark Roberge is a serial entrepreneur and the former Chief Revenue Officer of Hubspot. At the moment, he is a Managing Partner at Stage 2 Capital. Listen out for:00:40 Background3:00 The

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